Window Shades: Troubleshooting

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Will having roller shades be much trouble?

Window Shades: Troubleshooting

The wonderfully simple design of these window shades is what has kept it around for over a century. It also means problems come far and few between yet allows for quick and simple fixes in the event that the shade does not seem to be working correctly. For window shades that won't catch, remove the shade from its brackets. Unroll roughly 18 inches of shade by hand and replace,
repeating if necessary.

Sometimes a shade veers to one side and rolls unevenly. This is called ‘telescoping'. Unfurl the shade until you reach the area where the material of the shade meets the roller. Place a piece of tape (or as many needed) on the area of attachment, opposite of the end that is telescoping. Roll the shade up and replace n the brackets.



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