What tools should you have on hand when installing horizonal blinds?

How to Install Horizonal Blinds

Installing blinds on your own can be a fairly simple process if you follow the proper procedures and use the right tools. For blind installation you will need a drill, ¼” hex drill bit, scissors, a pencil and a metal measuring tape.

First unwrap your blinds and make sure you have all of the parts. Each blind should include end brackets, screws, a valance and valance clips; some may also have a center bracket for more support if they are a larger size.

Now, leaving your cord wrapped around your blinds hold them up to the window to determine placement. For inside and outside mounted blinds your headrail must be level to ensure proper placement. Once you have them level use your pencil to mark the location of the brackets. When mounting brackets for an inside mount you must make sure your brackets are level and flush with your window frame. Outside mount brackets should be positioned with the blinds open to determine the center of your window frame and the length of the blinds. Drilling a hole with your drill bit and using two screws per bracket to secure them in place can install the brackets. It is extremely important to make sure your brackets are straight and level.

Next, you should install your valance clips. It is important to put on your valance clips before your hang your blinds; otherwise you will have to remove the blinds to insert valance clips. Attach valance clips to the face of the headrail and spread them evenly across the headrail to secure it in place.

After your valance clips are in place it is time to hang your blinds. Release all cords on the blinds and open your bracket doors, then slide the headrail into the mounting bracket and close the bracket latches until they snap into place. Once your blinds are level and in place, then install your valance. The valance should be placed in the desired position on the headrail by putting the top part in the top of the valance clip. Now lightly push down and it should snap into place. After installing your valance your blinds should be hung and ready to use. If you find your cord is too long your can shorten it by simple sliding the tassel up exposing the knot and cutting it off to the desired length then retying a knot in your cord and sliding the tassel back down into place.

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