Wooden Blinds: Troubleshooting

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Won’t having wooden blinds be a hassle?

Wooden Blinds: Troubleshooting

Wood blinds have been around for hundreds of years. Used primarily because cloth for curtains was an expensive luxury, these sturdy window treatments gained a popularity that never quite went away. Their durability and light maintenance is generally all that is ever needed, meaning wooden window blinds are a number one pick for those looking for a sturdy window treatment that will continuously give added value to their home for years to come.
If after the wooden window blinds are installed and the slats will not lower correctly, remember that the blinds are shipped in their package in the fully raised position with the cord locked. This prevents the blinds from spilling out of the package when opened and provides for easier installation. If the blinds will not lower after installation, hold the cord parallel to the headrail of the blinds and gently tug until the cord lock is able to free itself. (Do not yank or jerk on the cord. This may cause the lock to jam further.)

Slats that won't tilt are the result of the tilt rod inside the headrail becoming disconnected from the tilt mechanism. Remove the blinds from their brackets and look into the headrail where the turning mechanisms are. A silver rod should evenly run the length of the headrail with the end inserted into the turning mechanism. If the rod has somehow come loose, simply re-insert the rod into the mechanism.



5/16/2009 3:43:06 PM
Diane Granier said:

Tilt rod NOT disconnected, rod will not turn!


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