Pleated Shades: Basic Necessary Tools

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Do I need special tools or skills to install pleated shades?

Pleated Shades: Basic Necessary Tools

A tape measure, a pencil (for guide marks), a drill, screwdrivers (flat blade and Phillips) and the ‘optional' level, is all that is needed to hang up pleated shades. Manufacturers work consistently to make this an easy task for any homemaker to handle. If they didn't, nobody would buy their product! In order to get the right measurements, decide whether the shades will be given an inside mount or an outside mount. This will have an effect on the measurements and size of the shades. An inside mount needs to be measured inside the frame at the top of the window. An outside mount needs to account for the area of the window being covered. Traditionally, for purposes of light control, the shades should overlap the window casing by 2-3 inches.



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