Cellular Shades Accomodate Specialty Windows

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What types of window can cellular shades be used for?

Cellular Shades Accomodate Specialty Windows

Cellular shades with their versatility are commonly the window treatment of choice for specialty and hard-to-fit windows. Cellular shades offer a much-needed light controlling solution for solariums and bay windows. Solariums typically have wall-to-wall and wall-to-ceiling windows with different shapes and angles. Cellular blinds can be a good fit with these types of windows. Bay windows are not always a perfect rectangle and often times they have some angles to address. Cellular shades can be mounted from side-to-side for wide spaces and they come in 12-foot lengths to fit even the largest windows.

Cellular shades can also be a good option for window arches. They can provide light and temperature control along with an intricate design and a full and open closing function. Cellular shades or honeycomb shades feature cell-like pleats. These shades are perfect for a child's bedroom with their durability and versatility. They come in many colors and styles to match the room décor. The cellular shades are available with a blackout shade fabric that is aluminized and blocks out 99% of outside light when the blinds are closed. They can be a type of black out shade for any room. The cellular pleat also buffers noise and traps heat and cold for comfort all year round.



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