Window Coverings for Privacy

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What types of window coverings can help with privacy?

Window Coverings for Privacy

If you are concerned about privacy in your home then you should select window coverings that will create a private setting. Privacy window coverings typically have a complete opaque covering. Some window covering choices that offer privacy are coverings like fabric and roller shades. These shades are made of vinyl or fabric that is typically opaque for complete coverage. Curtains and draperies when closed will block out the view into your home. Pleated and cellular shades can also help with privacy. Some of these shades have a top down option so the bottom of the window is covered while the top can allow light to enter your house. Mini blinds, wood blinds and shutters are a fairly good choice for privacy shades, although you may be able to see through the slats at certain angles. There are several choices for privacy window coverings. Many shades that have a privacy lining also are made to keep the room dark and block out any outside light.



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