Upgrade Your Verticals

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What are some upgrades for vertical blinds?

Upgrade Your Verticals

Vertical blinds can be upgraded to enhance appearance, function and safety. Upgrades for vertical blinds include a safety wand, motorized vertical blinds, a round wrap valance and a cornice.

Safety wands replace chains or cords used to operate blinds. They are safer for homes with children because they are out of the reach of little hands.

Motorized verticals have motorized tilt and glide systems that are controlled by a light switch or a battery operated remove control. They offer function and convenience for your windows.

Round wrap valances provide a finished look around the window frame on outside mounts. These are often included with your blinds.

Cornices tend to add depth and dimension to your window. Cornices, which are proven to conserve energy by keep warmth in can also be painted or decorated in numerous ways.



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