Installing Mini Blinds

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Installing Mini Blinds

If you are in the process of redecorating your home, you may have had professional interior decorating advice for picking out window treatments, carpet colors, furniture and more. If you have chosen window blinds, you do not need professionals to hang them. Installing window blinds is rather easy with the right tools, preparation and manufacturer's instructions.

Start with gathering tools such as a drill and bits, tape measure, pencil and screwdrivers. Remove your old blinds and hold your new ones up to the window. Go through the packaging to see if all of the hardware is present for each blind – most blinds include mounting brackets, screws, and faceplates. Some also include hold down brackets. Determine the surface the where you are drilling. If metal, pre-drill holds with special screws. If concrete, stone, wallboard or plaster, use plugs, anchors or screws. If you have several blinds to install, use two drills to save time. Fit one of the drills with a screwdriver bit and the other with a drill bit so you do not have to switch them back and forth. Smear some bar soap on the screw threads to make them drive more easily.

Hold the blind to the window and make a pencil mark to be your drilling guide.

Mount the brackets on the inside or outside of the frames, depending on the style of blinds purchased. Be sure to have appropriate room for the head rail, ensuring it is level. After the brackets have been installed, the blind head rail can now be attached per the instructions that came with the blinds. Attach the hold down brackets if your blinds have them. The last step is to add the tilting pole to operate the blinds and you have just installed your new window blinds.



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