Cleaning Tips for Mini Blinds

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Cleaning Tips for Mini Blinds

Mini blinds are attractive and convenient to use. The only disadvantage is that they are not easy to clean. Cleaning tips for mini blinds begin with delicate handling instead of strength.

  1. Vacuum the blinds while they are hanging on the window. This helps to remove excess dust. Use a micro material that collects dust if you don't want to vacuum them.
  2. Take the blinds down from the window and put them outside or in a bathroom for a washing.
  3. Use a liquid washing compound, hose, clothesline, bucket and sponge. A good solution for a gallon of water is one part water, one part ammonia. Test the cleanser on a section of the blinds so you know it won't harm the finish.
  4. Gently apply the mixture and allow to stand for five minutes. Hose them off and wipe with a soft cloth. Hand them on the clothesline to dry.
  5. After re-hanging the blinds, wipe them with an anti-static dryer sheet to prevent dust building up.
  6. If the blinds are heavily caked with greasy material from hanging in a kitchen, consider steaming them. Vinyl blinds may warp or melt so make sure your blinds can stand-up to the heat.
  7. If the blinds are wood, washing is not recommended. The wood may warp or discolor the slats.
Proper care and cleaning of your mini blinds will ensure they look beautiful for many years.



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