How To Shorten Mini Blinds

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How To Shorten Mini Blinds

Window blinds come in various lengths from the manufacturer. It will probably be necessary to shorten mini blinds or any other blinds, especially if your windows are small. When there is too much blind at the bottom of the window, it is unattractive and takes away from the goal of having a smooth, sophisticated look.

  1. Remove the plugs at the bottom of the blind. This releases the string ladders and shows the knotted lift cord. Undo the knot so the correct amount of slats can be released.
  2. Remove the bottomrail and slats per the determined length.
  3. Re-insert the bottomrail onto the last ladder rung.
  4. Cut the string ladder and only leave enough to put the strings back into the holes at the bottom.
  5. Insert the lift cord through the bottom rail and tie a knot. The knots must be the same length or the blinds will not hang level.
  6. Replace the bottomrail and insert the plugs.
After the blinds have been shortened and the string ladders cut, it will be too late to lengthen them later. It is up to you to determine how long you want the blinds or how many extra slats, if any, to leave at the bottom. You can shorten the blinds anytime, but if you do it right after installation, you can walk away from the project with satisfaction and a beautiful new look for your window.



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