Measuring For Cellular Shades

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Measuring For Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are called honeycomb shades because they look like beehives. The cells trap air and the more cells the shade has, the more air is trapped. Most shades are made of polyester, but some cotton is also available. The unique structure and construction naturally repels dirt and resists staining. Attached and housed at the top of the window is a head rail and the shades are typically controlled with a pulley cord system. These shades are known for folding neatly when raised just like an accordion. Reverse order shades lower down instead of pull up so privacy is possible with light coming in from the top.

An inside, recessed mount or an outside mount determines measuring for cellular shades. The inside mount is the most common. There is a minimum windowsill depth for shades that are mounted inside. When measuring, use a metal tape measure and do not measure existing shades.



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