Installing Cellular Shades

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Installing Cellular Shades

The beautiful shades you ordered have just arrived. Now it is time to read the directions when it comes to installing cellular shades or any other type of blinds. Providing your have given accurate measurements to the company, your shades should fit beautifully and hang with ease. Installing window treatments require basic tools. The parts of many cellular shades include a head rail, installation bracket, cord lock, end cap, stop ball, cord joiner, pull cord, tassel and bottom rail. Not all shades have all of those parts because it depends on what type of shades you ordered.

There are times that finding a stud to install your shade is not possible. If you are fastening the brackets into sheetrock, brick or tile, plastic anchors or toggle bolts are required. When you install a shade into concrete, brick or stone, use a carbide drill bit and extension anchors. It may be necessary to drill into steel to install your new shades so it is recommended to use a #8 self-tapping screw with pilot hole.

Generally, the first step is to determine the mounting method. This will be either an inside or outside mount. You will already know this because you measured the shades according to this decorating decision. Attach the brackets to the mounting surface. This is also based upon an inside or outside mounted shade. Next, insert the head rail and attach the optional hold down brackets. Prepare to lower the shade to insure it functions properly. Anytime cords are part of a shade's operating mechanism, child safety is a must. Clamp the cord with a clothespin, tie the cord to itself or use a tie-down device for safety.

When shades or blinds are properly installed, they will maintain their beauty and function properly for years to come.



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