Nighttime During the Daytime

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Nighttime During the Daytime

Be careful when shopping: room darkening shades are different from black out shades. Blackout is as the term suggests -- totally dark. They filter 99.9% of the visible light from coming into a room. Room darkening blinds and shades filter 99.99% of UV rays and 97% of visible light. The shades differ in their ability to insulate, as well. Double cell room darkening shades keep rooms cooler or warmer because they have two air pockets, while blackout shades have one. Replacing windows is expensive so if your windows are old and drafty, these shades will solve a lot of the problem of leaking air. Blackout shades are lined with mylar, which blocks both visible light and UV rays. These shades are good for sleeping too and they work well in a media room if a glare hits a television screen. The solid backing creates a uniform and consistent look. Most of these cellular shades come in a wide range of colors to fit every décor. The look and feel of fabric makes these shades a high-quality designer option for window treatments.



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