The Simplicity Of Tab Top Drapes

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Are tab top drapes simple to make and install?

The Simplicity Of Tab Top Drapes

If you like to sew, or even if you don't, tab top drapes can be fairly simple to make yourself. Since they are done in panels, they usually require less fabric and they don't include any complicated steps like pleating or gathering. Measure the width of your window from the outside of the frames. Multiply that amount by one and a half to two times to give you enough extra fabric to allow them to hang nicely. You don't want them to be too bunched up or to appear as if they are being pulled tightly across the window. Finally, measure the length of the window adding extra to allow for a hem. When hanging the curtains, choose a drapery rod that is decorative and will coordinate well with the style in the room. The tab top does not cover the rod completely so it is important that you pick out something that will look good when it is exposed.



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