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Can I find custom window blinds for an odd-shaped window?

Custom Window Blinds Can Cover An Odd-Shaped Window

Finding a way to cover an odd shaped window can be a challenge for any home decorator. Make this process easier by ordering custom window blinds. The variety of choices can allow you to coordinate the look in any room and create an inviting atmosphere where you can comfortably entertain family and friends. When working with a company to order your custom window blinds, they will often send someone to your home to obtain the proper measurements. If you are asked to measure your windows, take measurements for width and length from one side to the other. Include the window frame in your measurement for an outside mount which means you want them covered by the blinds. If you are measuring an odd shaped window, such as a semi-circle or triangle, ask for any special directions that you should follow. While installing horizontal blinds are not very difficult, request directions for installing blinds over an odd shaped window if you are doing it yourself.

Can store bought blinds be trimmed to fit?

Trim Blinds To Fit

If you can not afford custom window treatments, you can still customize what you buy in the store. With blinds, you can trim an equal amount off of each side of horizontals so they better fit the width. You can also remove extra off the bottom and tie the remaining securely in place. Vertical blinds can easily be trimmed along the bottom to fit a window but you need to make sure you trim each one evenly and neatly so you have a finished look across the bottom edge.

Can I find custom curtains to match my style?

Buy Custom Curtains To Match Your Style

If you have a style of curtains that you like but can not find in a store, consider ordering custom curtains. This increases the choices you will find for fabric and gives you more control over the style of curtains you select. Choosing custom curtains also gives you more freedom to coordinate with other accessory items in a room like a bedspread or tablecloth. Additionally, it can help you match your curtains with furniture pieces so that the room does not become overwhelmed with too many different styles.

How do I install custom wood blinds?

Install Your Custom Wood Blinds

Installing your custom wood blinds can be a do-it-yourself job. Start by gathering the right tools. A measuring tape is necessary to ensure the proper fit of your blinds. You may also need a screwdriver and drill to complete the process. Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer to attach the brackets that hold the blinds either as an outside mount (covering the window frame) or inside mount. Then slide your new blinds into place and add an optional valance. Test your blinds to make sure they open correctly.

Can I find drapes to cover an odd-sized window?

Find Custom Drapery For An Odd-Sized Window

Drapery that is available in stores comes in preset sizes that may not fit your window. In cases like this, you can find custom drapery that can be ordered based on the size of your window. You can also design and sew your own custom made drapes. Creating them yourself may take more time but could save you money over having them professionally made. Making them yourself also allows you to make them to the width or length you need rather than relying on what is available in the store. Whichever way you choose, you can decorate your windows creating your own custom look.

Can I find designer drapes for my windows?

Designer Drapes To Dress Up Your Windows

Some interior designers made famous on television shows are getting into the business of designing custom window coverings. If you like the look of the designs created by one of these individuals and you know they have a line of curtains available at stores, see if you can find something to match the style of your home. If you can not find the designer custom window coverings you like, check with a fabric store to see if there is material available from the designer. This may give you more choices and allow you to make you own custom window treatment.

Can I use custom vertical blinds to cover a sliding glass door?

Custom Vertical Blinds Cover A Sliding Glass Door

Covering a big window or a sliding glass door can be done nicely with custom vertical blinds. Having a window treatment that can be easily moved aside for access to a sliding door is especially important. Custom blinds have the advantage of being designed in a style that you like; however, they will be more expensive than something you can buy off the shelf. If you are looking to save money, you can buy vinyl vertical blinds already made and available at local stores.

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