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Pre-Built or Custom Shutters

If you want a professionally designed look in your home when it comes to window treatments, consider purchasing custom shutters. There are many different types but most are pre-built in several sizes. They are customized by cutting them down and hinging them together to create your customized shutter. When the shutters are built like this, they aren't exactly custom to your window and may not fit as well. They may also be out of proportion to the size of your window and might look out of place when finished. If the shutter had a lot of material cut off the frame to customize it to your size of window, durability might also be affected. It is smarter to order shutters that are as close to the stock size as possible.

Truly customized shutters are built specifically for each of your windows. Do you have round arched windows or another unusual shape or size? All of the windows in your home are unique and each shutter could be unique too. By accurately measuring each of your windows, you are insuring a proper fit and size appropriate to your style of window. Customized shutters add significantly to the value of your home. Going this extra step will provide shutters that will last a lifetime.

What are some tips to buying a good set of shutters that last?

Plantation Shutters Are Worth The Investment

If you are planning a remodeling or home makeover project, it is important to invest your dollars wisely. It is common for homeowners to buy window treatments only two or three times in their lifetime, so quality matters. Shutters are a practical solution to decorating windows because they add old world charm as well as value to your home. This style of window treatment suggests the homeowner has a traditional or classic taste level in decorating. Shutters with louvers that are over two inches wide are sometimes referred to as plantation shutters. Generally, the shutter panel is attached to a hinged frame. They are not the least expensive window treatment so be mindful of the most important things to watch when purchasing any style of shutters for your home.

  1. Quality of wood such as hand selected basswood and multiple tiers for strength and durability
  2. Hand sanding and staining for a high quality finish
  3. Ease of installation with pre-installed magnets, hinges, pre-mitered frames and slotted keyholes.
  4. A wide variety of stained or painted options for interior designer appearances
  5. Check the warranty options
  6. Customer service, speedy delivery and quality assurance


Faux Wood Shutters Stay Beautiful

Faux wood shutters are a beautiful option in the world of interior decorating. The definition of faux is artificial or imitation. When you combine faux with wood shutters, you have lovely custom window treatments that are affordable because they generally cost less than wooden shutters and they are maintenance free. Vinyl or PVC plantation shutters are cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge and the satin finish remains intact. Faux wood does not warp, fade, chip or peel so they are ideal for extremely humid or dry climates. Faux wood is the best material when it comes to bathrooms. The humidity from the Jacuzzi, whirlpool or steam shower in a master bathroom will not damage the synthetic material.

Shutters are also the perfect option when it comes to privacy. The louvers vary in size according to the decorative look you want in the room. Consider installing a fabric valance above the shutters to soften the look and add some color. Faux wood products are more limited in colors than wooden shutters so the valance takes care of that issue. Shutters are an investment in the value of your home so search for the companies that offer a lifetime warranty. You want to purchase shutters that are fully assembled with easy to follow installation instructions.


Measuring Interior Shutters Accurately

If you want to purchase interior shutters for your home, you will probably have to measure the windows yourself before you buy. Accuracy is key when it comes to measuring to interior shutters. Without accurate measurements, your finished product will not hang right and the shutters will look off balance or worse. There are some decisions you must make before getting out the measuring tape.

  1. Do you want an inside or outside mounted shutter? If there is enough depth for the shutter to fit flush with the wall, most people prefer ‘inside mount' interior shutters for a sleeker appearance. For width, measure in 3 places (top, middle, and bottom). Take the smallest of the 3 measurements and rounded down to the nearest 1/8th inch. Repeat for the height.
  2. If you do not have enough depth for the shutter, an ‘outside mount' is necessary. This is necessary when there is not at least 1 1/8th” of clearance within the window opening. Measure the same as above, but add 1 ¼” to each side.
  3. Gift special attention to window openings that are sloped, have window cranks, latches, security devices, removable screens and more. These things will obstruct the frame of the shutter.
  4. Use a steel measuring tape for accuracy or a folding rule with sliding extension to get the most accurate measurements.
  5. Measure each window even though you think all windows are identical.
Accurate measurements insure interior shutters that look beautiful and install easily.


Indoor Wood Shutters vs. Vinyl Shutters

Is there a difference between indoor wood shutters and vinyl shutters? Yes. If you are deciding on a shutter material, consider the pros and cons between wooden and vinyl shutters.

Some people just prefer wood over vinyl like they prefer cotton and wool over polyester. If a warm, authentic and classic look is what you want in your room, wood is probably the answer for you. Vinyl shutters usually come in only white or off white. Wooden shutters come painted, unpainted or stained in a variety of shades and colors. It isn't possible to have vinyl shutters for arched or angled windows. Many believe vinyl shutters to be of inferior quality and poor workmanship, even if this is not the case.

Quality vinyl shutters of PVC are definitely worth considering. One of the biggest advantages they have over traditional wooden shutters is practicality. Vinyl indoor shutters will not crack, peel, fade or deteriorate. They are perfect for humid rooms, bathrooms or windows near whirlpools and swimming pools. Vinyl shutters are inherently flame retardant and have better insulation than wooden shutters. They are easier to clean and won't show dents or scratches. These faux wood shutters are perfect for a child's room.

Whether you choose wooden shutters or PVC shutters, you are likely to be extremely satisfied with their function, beauty and they will increase the value of your home.

Are shutters better than blinds?

Shutters Are A Fashionable, Favorite Window Treatment

The first interior shutters may have been in ancient Greece and used as protection against the elements, much like they are today. They were most likely made of marble, but had louvers and kept the classic appearance they still have. Shutters have gained in popularity as window treatments across the country for generations. According to a recent survey in Draperies & Window Coverings magazine, nearly twice as many readers chose shutters than the year before. All styles of shutters are durable, classic and easy to maintain but why do people love them for their homes?

Any shutter style lends classic architectural beauty to a window that draperies or curtains cannot offer. People want indoor shutters because of aesthetics. Decorative windows or stained glass panels can be added to shutters, making them unique and customized.


Installing Shutters – Stress Free

Installing shutters is a project that takes just a few moments and some basic tools. For the best-looking installation, you will want your shutters to rest parallel to the wall when open, not askew like a half-opened door. That means the folding point of the hinges needs to protrude beyond the casing. The best way to accomplish this is by attaching the shutters to a frame. There are usually detailed instructions that come with the shutters so installing them becomes stress free. Some basic guidelines for installation include:

  1. Gather a tape measure, pencil, screwdriver, drill with various size bits and level and eye protection. Use a handheld screwdriver instead of a drill/driver in right spots. This ensures less damage and more control.
  2. Determine if the shutter is either an inside or outside mount because there will be separate instructions for both.
  3. Read the instructions carefully before attempting to install the shutters.
  4. Unpack your shipment and check to see if all of the parts have been shipped with the shutters.
  5. There may be some assembly of the frame as the first step.
  6. Follow the installation instructions and you will know exactly where to drill the holes, fasten the screws and install magnetic catches.
Once the shutters are installed, do a final check with the level to insure they hang properly. If you have installed the shutters correctly, you have just hung a classic, traditional window treatments, perfect for any room.

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