Pre-Built or Custom Shutters

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Pre-Built or Custom Shutters

If you want a professionally designed look in your home when it comes to window treatments, consider purchasing custom shutters. There are many different types but most are pre-built in several sizes. They are customized by cutting them down and hinging them together to create your customized shutter. When the shutters are built like this, they aren't exactly custom to your window and may not fit as well. They may also be out of proportion to the size of your window and might look out of place when finished. If the shutter had a lot of material cut off the frame to customize it to your size of window, durability might also be affected. It is smarter to order shutters that are as close to the stock size as possible.

Truly customized shutters are built specifically for each of your windows. Do you have round arched windows or another unusual shape or size? All of the windows in your home are unique and each shutter could be unique too. By accurately measuring each of your windows, you are insuring a proper fit and size appropriate to your style of window. Customized shutters add significantly to the value of your home. Going this extra step will provide shutters that will last a lifetime.



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