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Won’t having wooden blinds be a hassle?

Wooden Blinds: Troubleshooting

Wood blinds have been around for hundreds of years. Used primarily because cloth for curtains was an expensive luxury, these sturdy window treatments gained a popularity that never quite went away. Their durability and light maintenance is generally all that is ever needed, meaning wooden window blinds are a number one pick for those looking for a sturdy window treatment that will continuously give added value to their home for years to come.
If after the wooden window blinds are installed and the slats will not lower correctly, remember that the blinds are shipped in their package in the fully raised position with the cord locked. This prevents the blinds from spilling out of the package when opened and provides for easier installation. If the blinds will not lower after installation, hold the cord parallel to the headrail of the blinds and gently tug until the cord lock is able to free itself. (Do not yank or jerk on the cord. This may cause the lock to jam further.)

Slats that won't tilt are the result of the tilt rod inside the headrail becoming disconnected from the tilt mechanism. Remove the blinds from their brackets and look into the headrail where the turning mechanisms are. A silver rod should evenly run the length of the headrail with the end inserted into the turning mechanism. If the rod has somehow come loose, simply re-insert the rod into the mechanism.

Which type of wood blinds are the best?

Wooden Blinds: The Definition of Quality and Value

For those who find real wood blinds a bit above their budget, faux wood window blinds are a perfect alternative and a clever way to get the elegant style of wood blinds while staying economical. Real woods blinds can be one of the higher priced window treatments, but the cost will be well worth the return that will come with years of long-lasting durability and aesthetic value. A majority of realtors agree that real wood blinds can increase the resell value of a home. Bamboo blinds with reeds, grasses, and natural wood accents are woven together to form a single mat that covers any size window yet form neat accordion pleats when raised. A window treatment that diffuses light beautifully, bamboo blinds add refinement and a cultural ambiance to a room's décor.

How do I clean my wooden blinds?

Wooden Blinds: The Clean Routine

Wood vertical blinds are the easiest of all blinds to clean. Because the slats are vertical, dust does not settle on these blinds in the same manner as traditional horizontal blinds. Regular dusting with a soft clean cloth, or damp rag for faux wood blinds, will keep wood vertical blinds in beautiful condition.

For the general care of real wood blinds, it is recommended that you never get them wet or wash them with water. A regular routine of dusting with a clean soft cloth or can of compressed air coupled with a monthly light vacuuming with the brush attachment on your vacuum will keep your wood blinds as beautiful as the day you put them up. For heavy dirt or stains, contact a cleaning service that specializes in the care and cleaning of wood blinds.

For faux wood blinds, regularly dust with a soft clean cloth, can of compressed air or gently use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to lift away dust. Unlike real wood blinds, heavy dirt can be wiped off with a clean cloth dampened with warm water, adding a mild detergent if necessary. Professional services that specialize in blind cleaning are also an option. Slats on wood vertical blinds can be removed individually for cleaning if necessary.

How do I measure so for blinds so I get the right size?

Wooden Blinds: Measures for Success

To measure for wooden blinds, you must first decide whether you will give them an inside or outside mount. An inside mount needs to be measured inside the frame at the top of the window. An outside mount needs to account for the area you would like the blinds to cover. Traditionally, for purposes of light control, the blinds should overlap the casing by 2-3 inches.

Where can I find the best deal for wooden blinds?

Wooden Blinds: Getting the Best Deal!

Ordering window treatments online is ultimately the most practical way to get the best deal on wood blinds. Saving gas- and your sanity- isn't the only thing you can save shopping online. You can also save yourself the hassle of not buying the right size blinds. With your windows right there for you to measure, you can get the right size and the right fit- the first time out.

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