Wooden Blinds: The Clean Routine

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How do I clean my wooden blinds?

Wooden Blinds: The Clean Routine

Wood vertical blinds are the easiest of all blinds to clean. Because the slats are vertical, dust does not settle on these blinds in the same manner as traditional horizontal blinds. Regular dusting with a soft clean cloth, or damp rag for faux wood blinds, will keep wood vertical blinds in beautiful condition.

For the general care of real wood blinds, it is recommended that you never get them wet or wash them with water. A regular routine of dusting with a clean soft cloth or can of compressed air coupled with a monthly light vacuuming with the brush attachment on your vacuum will keep your wood blinds as beautiful as the day you put them up. For heavy dirt or stains, contact a cleaning service that specializes in the care and cleaning of wood blinds.

For faux wood blinds, regularly dust with a soft clean cloth, can of compressed air or gently use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to lift away dust. Unlike real wood blinds, heavy dirt can be wiped off with a clean cloth dampened with warm water, adding a mild detergent if necessary. Professional services that specialize in blind cleaning are also an option. Slats on wood vertical blinds can be removed individually for cleaning if necessary.



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