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Where could you put sheer blinds in your home?

Sheer Perfection for Your Windows

Sheer blinds provide a perfect finishing touch for any room of your house. Sheer blinds combine the light filtering effects of shades and draperies with the functionality and UV protection of traditional window blinds. These window coverings regulate and diffuse sunlight through a soft, sheer fabric and offer a high level of light control when needed. Sheers blinds are available in vertical and horizontal styles. They are an excellent choice for large picture windows. Some sheer shades could also add enhancement in the dining room, living room and bedroom areas.

Where do sliding panels work best in your home?

Sliding Panels and Track Systems

Sliding panel shades carry the beauty of natural wood to your window coverings. These panel tracks are perfect for sliding door window treatments or can even be used as a window divider. Sliding panel systems or track systems are available in vertical or horizontal options. The horizontal systems are a great alternative to shutters because they have some of the same characteristics and can look similar, but don't require the space to open. Horizontal track systems work well for patio doors; they are perfect “door blinds” because they are designed to stack on either end in the center or on both sides of the window or door.

Where should you use faux wood vertical blinds?

Faux Wood Verticals

Faux wood vertical blinds work well for patio sliding glass doors and large windows. They are one of the most popular and appealing styles of vertical blinds. These blinds are made of high-quality, polyvinyl material that is durable and warp resistant. Faux wood verticals have UV inhibitors that protect finishes even on the sunniest days. They slide to one side like draperies. These “classic” verticals not only look great, but they add a warm, inviting feel to your home.

What are some upgrades for vertical blinds?

Upgrade Your Verticals

Vertical blinds can be upgraded to enhance appearance, function and safety. Upgrades for vertical blinds include a safety wand, motorized vertical blinds, a round wrap valance and a cornice.

Safety wands replace chains or cords used to operate blinds. They are safer for homes with children because they are out of the reach of little hands.

Motorized verticals have motorized tilt and glide systems that are controlled by a light switch or a battery operated remove control. They offer function and convenience for your windows.

Round wrap valances provide a finished look around the window frame on outside mounts. These are often included with your blinds.

Cornices tend to add depth and dimension to your window. Cornices, which are proven to conserve energy by keep warmth in can also be painted or decorated in numerous ways.

What are Vertiglide shades?

Vertiglide a Vertical Blind Alternative

One of the most popular alternatives to your typical vertical blind is the Vertiglide shade. Vertiglide shades are the vertical version of honeycomb shades, which consist of cellular “honeycomb” pockets of air. Honeycomb style shades are a more energy efficient version of pleated shades. With the Vertiglide shade the pleats are integrated vertically instead of horizontally. These shades can be used for a sliding glass door window treatment and are available in many different colors and fabric patterns. Vertiglide blinds can be classified into the fabric vertical blinds family.

What is an important function of vetical blinds?

Custom Vertical Blinds

Custom vertical blinds combine beauty, versatility and light control with a rich variety of colors, patterns and textures. Vertical blinds work well for windows that are wider than they are tall. They are well suited for sliding glass doors. Verticals can dramatically change the appearance of a short, wide window by adding height or they act as a distinctive room divider. Vertical blinds also insulate the interior to help with temperature control. Custom vertical blind styles include: wood vertical blinds, woven wood vertical blinds, vinyl vertical blinds, fabric vertical blinds and S-curve verticals. All of these styles can be customized to fit the design and fashion of your home

What is a good reason to choose vinyl vertical blinds?

The Affordable Choice for Verticals

Vinyl vertical blinds are probably the most versatile and easiest vertical shades to clean. Typically, vinyl verticals are the least expensive, fit almost any budget and often dubbed the “discount vertical blinds”. These blinds are the most practical and they work well in homes with large families and young children. Translucent vinyl vertical blinds have light filtering properties, provide privacy protection and help with temperature control. Embossed vinyl verticals have a unique color and texture appearance. The vinyl verticals are one of the cleanest looking vertical blind choices.

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