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Can I make my own Waverly curtains?

Create Your Own Waverly Curtains

You can make your own curtains using Waverly fabrics to coordinate with other styles in your room. While Waverly curtains are popular, using the fabric you can create your own custom-made look. If you decide to sew your own curtains, look at the different fabric styles available to complement your existing design elements. In addition, consider the size of the room and identify your color scheme to make sure that the fabric you choose will not become the focal point of the room unless that is your intention.

Can I use window curtains on an empty wall?

Window Curtains For Any Wall

Curtains are not just for windows. In a room where there are not enough windows, you can use window curtains to create a design element. While they may just be covering up wall space, guests who enter your home won't know the difference. You can also make a small window appear larger by buying window curtains that are larger than needed. For example, if you have a small window on the upper wall, you can add floor length drapes to give the illusion that behind the curtains the window is longer than it really is.

Can I layer my curtains?

Layer Your Curtains

Curtains are a great way to decorate a room and dress up a window. They have the advantage of providing privacy while keeping out the sunlight. You can create a layered look by installing sheers behind the curtains. This allows you to open up the drapery and still keep the sheers closed to filter out a little light. The layered look also creates a very elegant look that you can use in any room of your house.

What should I look for in kitchen curtains?

Choose Your Kitchen Curtains

The window coverings you choose for your kitchen can help to bring together the design styles in your home. You can choose anything from expensive custom made curtains to a simple hand sewn accent to your window. Since this is for a kitchen, you can coordinate it to match dishes or other elements found in the room. You can even select different styles that can be changed. According to, “The nice thing about kitchen curtains is how easy they can be to change out with the seasons.” The one thing to remember about kitchen curtains is that they should be cleaned on a fairly regular basis. Keep kitchen curtains fresh may require washing since odors, grease, dust and mold can cling to them.

Can I use sheers as a window covering?

Sheer Curtains To Decorate A Window

To filter out a minimal amount of sunlight, use sheer curtains as a window covering. Sheers are inexpensive and easy to install. They come in many sizes or you can custom make your own. Measure the window and cut the sheers to twice the width. The length depends on how much below the window you want to cover but add about three inches to the top and bottom for a hem. These also only provide a minimum amount of privacy so use them in a space that you don't mind that your home is visible to those outside. Due to the see-through nature of sheer curtains, drapery lining should not be used.

Should I use white curtains in my house?

White Curtains Let In Light

White curtains can be used in any home in your house to create a light and airy feeling. When you choose a light color, sunlight is still able to enter the room although it is somewhat filtered. If your goal is to keep out the sunlight, then you should choose curtains in a darker color with a good lining. A disadvantage of white curtains or any light color curtains is that they will more easily show dirt or dust. Keep these clean by regularly vacuuming and washing.

Why buy discount curtains?

Discount Curtains For Every Season

An advantage to buying discount curtains is that they are affordable enough to be switched around for any occasion or season. You could have special ones for a holiday or celebration. They can also be cleaned on a regular basis without too much concern since they can be easily and cheaply replaced if ruined. Discount curtains are great for a kitchen where they could end up with food or grease stains that permanently damage them.

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