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What are roman blinds typically used for?

Roman Blinds and Shades

Roman blinds, also known as roman shades, are versatile window treatments that combine the elegance of fabric drapes with the tailored look of shades or blinds. These blinds are often used as an alternative to kitchen curtains. Roman blinds because of their versatility in style, design and operation are perfect in any room of your house. There are several varieties of Roman shades including the folded roman shade with folds evenly spaced to overlap each other creating a perfectly tailored look and structure.

How do I measure my windows to get the window coverings I need?

Good Measurements Can Help With Your Window Treatment Design Ideas

Before identifying window treatment design ideas, get good measurements on the window you would like to cover. This can make it easier for you to narrow down your options when you go shopping. Measuring from the outside of the window frames for width and height is best for curtains if you plan to cover the windows entirely. Some panels may be made to cover the window only exposing the frame for a design effect. If this is the case, then measure the width and height from inside the window frame. Taking these steps in advance can help you select the right window coverings for your room and make installation much easier.

How can I decorate a bay window?

Decorate A Bay Window

There are a number of different options that you can choose to cover a bay window. Both blinds and fabric curtains are appropriate if you choose the right style and hardware. Ideally, you want to draw attention to the dramatic effect created by a bay window and avoid making it to busy. For curtains, you have to decide what type of hardware you will use which could include rod, poles or a curved track. Regardless of which you choose, the angles make it difficult to install them. An easy option for bay window treatments is to hang a curtain swag. This is a great decorating tool to bring attention to the window and the room.

What is the difference between blinds and drapery?

Choosing Between Blinds And Drapery

Choosing between blinds and drapery for your window treatments can be a difficult decision. The installation of either one can take roughly the same amount of time depending on the style you select. It comes down to preference. Both can be can be used for privacy or to darken a room. In addition, they can help to accent a window or coordinate the style in your room. A disadvantage of drapery is that it can appear heavy in a room. You are also limited when you open them for light because they won't provide privacy any longer. With blinds, you may be able to open them slightly and still maintain your privacy.

Are there window treatments for an arched window?

Arched Window Treatments That Add Style

The design of an arched window can add beauty and style to a room. Finding a way to cover up this design style with arched window treatments can create a challenge for any homeowner. Most decorators recommend leaving the arched section open and only add window treatments from the around the horizontal and below. If you find there is a need to cover the arched section, it is possible to have something custom-made for this section. To cover an arched window, either curtains or blinds will work. It only depends on the look you are looking to achieve in your room. To provide some privacy or filter light, you might try covering the arched section with a sheer fabric.

How can I decorate my windows without losing privacy when I need it?

Creative Window Treatment Design

Being creative with your window treatments can help you develop a unique look for your home. You can start by installing blinds in your home as a nice way to keep out the light while still looking nice. To enhance the room, you can add a valance with the blinds. While good options are still a balloon valance or cornice, you may also want to consider adding your own creative touch, by layering napkins to create the effect of a valance. Another creative way to dress up your window is to install a box valance to hide shades or blinds. This allows you privacy when you need it while adding a beautiful decorative touch to the room.

How do I come up with window treatment ideas?

Window Treatment Ideas

Trying to come up with window treatment ideas can take a but of creativity, but it is still something that can be done by most people. Start by considering the style of window that you want to cover. Next, decide if you are looking to add a decorative touch to the room by dressing up the windows or if you want to cover them for privacy. For a decorative touch, you have many choices including a valance or café curtains. If privacy is the goal, then you can look at drapes.

Other window treatment ideas include blinds. These come in variety of colors, style and materials to coordinate with the other elements in a room. Blinds also privacy when you want it or can be raised out of the way as needed.

Is there a simple way to dress up a window?

Use A Simple Window Treatment To Dress Up A Room

For a simple window treatment, you can loosely drape a sheer curtain fabric over a pole. Add some decorative finials on each end to give it a more dramatic effect and you have an easy to make yet beautiful window treatment. To put it together, start by measuring the width of the window from outside the frame. The amount of fabric you will need depends on the size of the window, the amount of looping you want, and how far you want it to fall on either side (i.e. to the floor). Typically, you are looking to have the length be about three to four times the width of the window. A longer length can create a an effect like a puddle on either side of your window.

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