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Where can you shop for discount blinds?

Discount Blinds And Window Treatments

Discount window blinds can be found at wholesale shops and outlets. Buying in bulk can usually save money and most wholesalers will give you a larger discount the more sets of blinds or shades that you buy. If you are purchasing multiple window coverings for an entire house or office you will probably get a better price than if you were just purchasing a single window treatment.

Another suggestion is to hit the newer retail stores that are trying to get established. They will typically have low prices and have certain discount window blinds and discount window shades in their showroom. The store may give you a discount just to win your business. If you do your homework and shop around for the best prices you are sure to find cheap window blinds and discount shades for your entire window covering needs.

What room are common for roman shades?

Roman Shades: The Beauty Lies Within

Roman shades have the reputation of being beautiful and elegant. When lowered these shades hang flat with unique, subtle pleats in the fabric. The beauty of these shades definitely lies in the “pleats”. When raised the fabric gathers easily and evenly into soft pleats. These blinds look fabulous in both directions (lowered or raised). Roman shades are commonly used in living rooms or family room areas. From the outside the roman shades portray a white surface, but inside you can enjoy the stunning fabric designs. They can be customized with many types of fabrics to match your furniture. Some roman shades have room darkening capabilities depending on the fabrics and designed your choose.

What are two main categories for wood shades?

Faux Wood vs. Real Wood

Wood shades have become a popular choice for window coverings. They have been dubbed more prestigious than aluminum or vinyl shades and they tend to look “the part.” Wooden shades can add appeal to almost any window.

There are several types of styles to choose from when it comes to wood blinds. Two main categories for wooden shades are faux wood and real wood. Both types of blinds have advantages and disadvantages.

Faux wood is less expensive to purchase. It is durable, moisture resistant and easy to clean. These types of blinds may be a good choice for a kitchen, bathroom or child's room because of their durability and versatility. Faux wood tends to be heavier than real wood so they are not as easy to move up and down.

Real wood blinds are affordable and can be stained in almost any color to match the room décor. They are excellent for blocking incoming light. Real wood blinds are lighter than faux wood and easier to lower and rise. Wooden shades are harder to clean and may not be as durable as faux wood.

What part of the house would accomodate wood blinds?

Wooden Blinds

Nothing can replace the appearance and feel of real wood wooden blinds. Wooden blinds are durable, attractive and easy to operate. Real wood is lighter and may last longer than faux wood materials. The wood can be stained, painted or covered with fabric to accent any type of room decor. Wood blinds fit perfect in any room of the house. They come in various sizes and slat widths.

what types of blinds work well in the bathroom?

Bathroom Window Coverings

Decorating your bathroom is an important chore. Color scheme, floor coverings and cabinets are all major factors for the bathroom. One more somewhat forgotten element is the window coverings. Window coverings in the bathroom can make or break the overall appearance of the room. Blinds or shades can be combined with curtains in the bathroom. Shades like roman blinds, tabletop shades, swags and valances work well with curtains to create a wonderful ambiance in your bathroom. Once you have selected the right window covering everything else should just “fall into place.”

How are motorized blinds operated?

Blind Innovation

The world of interior decorating rejoiced with the invention of motorized or remote control window blinds. These blinds are battery operated so there is no complicated wiring or loose ends to secure. Motorized blinds can be set on timer to open or close at certain times of the day, which in turn can increase energy, efficiency and safety in your home. They are commonly used on hard to reach windows, but can be used on any window in your house. Operated by a remote control the motorized blinds do not require cords, so they are safe for homes with young children.

What has happened to the popularity of metal blinds?

Alloy Venetian Blinds

Alloy Venetians and metal Venetian blinds tend to be highly underrated. Metal blinds have plummeted in popularity over the years because of new innovative styles like wood blinds and fabric-covered shades. But alloy and metal Venetian blinds are regaining their popular status and are very pleasing to the pocket book. These blinds come in thin 16mm slats or large 50mm slats and everywhere in between. The alloy Venetian blind is available in designer prints, metallic and special colors.

What effect does the slat size of your window blinds have on your privacy.

Blinds Are A Practical - And Fashionable - Option

Horizontal blinds are one of the most practical choices of window treatment blinds for light control. These blinds can be raised or lowered, but typically you just move the slats to allow the proper amount of light into the room or close them for total privacy. The slat size of your window blinds can affect the ambiance in the room. The smaller slats like the 1” allow for more privacy because the view is limited, while the larger slats like the 2 ½ “ provide a more open view into your home. Did you know that you can install multiple blinds on one headrail? Two or three blinds can be operated together or separately. This option works well for sliding glass doors or side-by-side windows.

What if I can’t afford real wood blinds?

Faux Wood Blinds = Economical Choice

Faux wood blinds are an economical choice for window treatments costing up to a third less than blinds made of real wood. Composed of a mixture of hardwood particles and a type of vinyl, faux wood blinds are considered to be more durable than their real wooden counterparts, as they rarely warp or bend. This makes them an excellent choice for humid environments such as bathrooms. To maintain the blinds, simply dust them with a soft clean cloth or use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Heavy dirt can be wiped off with a clean cloth dampened with warm water, adding a mild detergent if necessary. Professional services that specialize in blind cleaning are also an option.

How is fabric used with vertical blinds?

Fabric Verticals

Fabric vertical blinds may be one of the most inviting and versatile blind choices on the market. Fabric blinds are easy to clean and can be customized to match colors and home décor. The fabric you choose can determine light control and filtration. Fabrics can be free hanging panels or combined with vinyl for ultimate light control. The vinyl and fabric combination gives the blinds a uniform look from the outside. Fabric blinds are becoming a popular choice for vertical and horizontal window treatments.

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