Woven Wood Shades Tips

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What types of windows do woven wood shades fit?

Matchstick Blinds Offer Versatility

Woven wood shades or matchstick shades can be perfect for every room in the house. These attractive shades are versatile and pleasing to the eye. The weave can be customized to fit your personal needs. Loose weaves (open weave) allow light filtration and the tighter weaves are made for blocking light or “blackout” purposes (privacy weave). Matchstick shades will cover any window size and you can raise and lower them in one smooth motion.

What do privacy liner do?

Upgrade Your Woven Wood Blinds

There are some options that will enhance the function and appearance of you woven wood blinds. One is edge bindings, which are textured fabrics sewn on the end of the shades and the valance to tie-in the color scheme of your room. Another upgrade for woven wood blinds is a privacy liner. Typically the weave in the woven wood blinds allows natural light to filter though the slats. Privacy liners block light and provide room-darkening options. Multiple shades on one headrail are an upgrade choice. For wide windows you can install two or more sets of shades side-by-side. Woven wood shades can also have a top down, bottom up feature. You use two sets of lift cords to open the shades from the top or the bottom. This function offers versatility for light control and privacy

What are bamboo roman shade made of?

Bamboo Roman Shades

The soft look and feel of this bamboo window shade helps portray a warm, meditative atmosphere for any room. These blinds provide privacy, yet allow for soft light penetration inside. The natural light outside enters your home in a non-glaring way. Bamboo roman shades work like typical horizontal blinds and they allow you to control how much light enters the room with their light filtering qualities. They are fairly easy to clean with a quick wipe down or you can vacuum away dust and dirt particles. These blinds would be the perfect choice for an environmentalist or someone who likes to bring the beauty of nature into their home.

What is there besides regular old wood blinds?

The Woven Chic of Bamboo

While traditional wood window blinds convey a very classic and stylish appearance, bamboo blinds are for giving a cultural or ethnic look and feel to a room. The majority of bamboo is now harvested on farms kept expressly for the purpose of making window treatments, making bamboo blinds a guilt-free purchase!

Keeping bamboo blinds clean is a rather easy task. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions when it comes to caring correctly for blinds. When it comes to general care, regularly dust blinds with a soft cloth or can of compressed air. Following up with a once a month dusting using the brush attachment on a vacuum will help these wood window blinds last for years and years.

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