Plantation Shutters Are Worth The Investment

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What are some tips to buying a good set of shutters that last?

Plantation Shutters Are Worth The Investment

If you are planning a remodeling or home makeover project, it is important to invest your dollars wisely. It is common for homeowners to buy window treatments only two or three times in their lifetime, so quality matters. Shutters are a practical solution to decorating windows because they add old world charm as well as value to your home. This style of window treatment suggests the homeowner has a traditional or classic taste level in decorating. Shutters with louvers that are over two inches wide are sometimes referred to as plantation shutters. Generally, the shutter panel is attached to a hinged frame. They are not the least expensive window treatment so be mindful of the most important things to watch when purchasing any style of shutters for your home.

  1. Quality of wood such as hand selected basswood and multiple tiers for strength and durability
  2. Hand sanding and staining for a high quality finish
  3. Ease of installation with pre-installed magnets, hinges, pre-mitered frames and slotted keyholes.
  4. A wide variety of stained or painted options for interior designer appearances
  5. Check the warranty options
  6. Customer service, speedy delivery and quality assurance



1/27/2008 12:32:09 PM
Anonymous said:

Good tip, very comprehensive.

However you should also make sure your contractor is a licensed contractor.


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