Installing Shutters – Stress Free

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Installing Shutters – Stress Free

Installing shutters is a project that takes just a few moments and some basic tools. For the best-looking installation, you will want your shutters to rest parallel to the wall when open, not askew like a half-opened door. That means the folding point of the hinges needs to protrude beyond the casing. The best way to accomplish this is by attaching the shutters to a frame. There are usually detailed instructions that come with the shutters so installing them becomes stress free. Some basic guidelines for installation include:

  1. Gather a tape measure, pencil, screwdriver, drill with various size bits and level and eye protection. Use a handheld screwdriver instead of a drill/driver in right spots. This ensures less damage and more control.
  2. Determine if the shutter is either an inside or outside mount because there will be separate instructions for both.
  3. Read the instructions carefully before attempting to install the shutters.
  4. Unpack your shipment and check to see if all of the parts have been shipped with the shutters.
  5. There may be some assembly of the frame as the first step.
  6. Follow the installation instructions and you will know exactly where to drill the holes, fasten the screws and install magnetic catches.
Once the shutters are installed, do a final check with the level to insure they hang properly. If you have installed the shutters correctly, you have just hung a classic, traditional window treatments, perfect for any room.



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