Pleated Shades: Dress It Up Without Breaking the Bank

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What do I get when I want something nice but don’t want to go over budget?

Pleated Shades: Dress It Up Without Breaking the Bank

The person looking to keep things economical while getting the best value for their money will find their answer in pleated shades. In most cases they run neck and neck with aluminum blinds- but not always! Unlike aluminum blinds, pleated shades give a room a warmer feel and a softer edge and have better insulating properties.

Nothing is worse than a nicely decorated room rounded off with shabby old curtains. Fabric pleated shades are perfect for giving a room a finished, color coordinated look without ‘going over' when on a budget. Besides providing temperature control by completely blocking sunlight from entering the room, they can be color coordinated to match any décor and are a sophisticated step above those plain old curtains- decoratively speaking.



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