How to Measure for Window Coverings

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When measuring for blinds, what part of the window do you measure?

How to Measure for Window Coverings

Measuring for basic window coverings such as blinds and draperies is a simple task if you follow a few guidelines.

First, use a steel measuring tape. The steel measuring tape tends to give a more accurate measurement and they are easier to use for areas where your arms cannot reach. Next, always measure each window separately (even if they look like they are the same size) and measure the width first then the height. Be sure to make note of objects in the window area that may block or obstruct the window covering. Measure the entire area of the window including the depth, this will ensure your get blinds or other window coverings that fit exactly.

For inside mount coverings (meaning the covering will mount inside the window) you should measure the depth all around the window, including top, bottom and both sides. Then, use the narrowest measurement for the mounting point. You should also measure the window at the left side, middle and right side and use the longest measurement for the width of your window covering. Inside mounts require your window to be square. In order to check the squareness of your window you need to measure diagonally top left to bottom and top right to bottom left. If the measurements are equal your window is square if one measurement is significantly longer than the other then you might want to consider an outside mount covering because the inside mount will not fit your window correctly.

Outside mount window coverings (meaning coverings that mount above or on the window frame) are more versatile and will typically fit most windows. When measuring your window you should first determine where you are going to mount the window covering meaning on or above the window frame. Then, measure the outside width from the outside of the frame on top, in the middle and at the bottom. Now measure at the top of the frame to the bottom of the frame at the left side, then the middle and the right side. Outside mounting is common for windows with shallow depth and window covering with light control like blackout blinds or room darkening blinds.



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