Blackout Shades & Blinds For The Bedroom

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What type of blinds or shades should you use if you like to sleep in total darkness?

Blackout Shades & Blinds For The Bedroom

Window treatments in your home can be selected to match your lifestyle. The bedroom is one of the most important rooms to “dress” with the proper type of blinds. If you are a morning person and like to awake in light filled room then you may want to consider blinds that allow some light into your bedroom. Natural light can be a welcoming wake-up call in the morning. You can also opt for a remote control or timer on your blinds so they open in the morning to let the sun in your room. The light filtering or semi opaque shades allow for some outside light to enter the room (even when they are closed) to create soft glow and a warm atmosphere. These blinds and shades are the perfect choice for people who love to wake up to natural light and do not like their room totally dark.

For those who like to sleep in complete darkness and prefer to wake up to a traditional alarm clock then blackout blinds may be the best choice. These blinds block out all light and keep the room in complete darkness until you decide you would like to “let the light in”. Room darkening shades are a good choice to people who have to sleep during the day or those who do not like to sleep with light trickling into their bedroom.

Whether you choose a light filtering window blind or a blackout blind your window treatments in your bedroom should represent your personal preference and style.



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