Cellular Blinds are Constructed for Energy Efficiency

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Cellular Blinds are Constructed for Energy Efficiency

There are many blinds and shades on the market, but none is more energy efficient than the cellular blind. Honeycomb or cellular blinds have layers joined at the pleats to form compartments that trap air, providing insulation. It is because of this unique cellular construction that these shades provide the greatest insulation and energy efficiency. The cellular blind of today is soft to the touch, just like fabric. The older, less expensive shades had a paper feel and were quite thin and stiff. The color options are many and they are easily combined with fabric valances for just the right decorating look. Be sure that the shade you have chosen is white on the outside because this looks better from the street and provides a uniform appearance. More considerations before your blind purchase include:

  1. soft neutral colors make rooms appear larger
  2. brighter colors seem bolder in larger rooms
  3. matching the color of blind to the paint on the wall provides a decorating look
  4. blinds that lower from the top provide privacy and let in light
  5. insulated cellular blinds provide warmth in a window facing North
  6. consider motorized devices for opening and closing blinds on large windows or windows over a bathtub



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