Cleaning Pleated Shades

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Cleaning Pleated Shades

There comes a time in the life of shades or blinds when cleaning becomes necessary. Some companies suggest cleaning shades once a month. It is easier to clean wood or aluminum shades, but the fabric shades need cleaning too. However, these shades must be treated more gingerly. Pleated shades of any material do not hold up well to chemicals or too much dampness or water. Cleaning shades improperly may leave stains or worse.

  1. If you choose to vacuum the shades, clean the bristles of the vacuum frequently.
  2. Use a lint roller of shades to pick up fuzz and dust.
  3. Wipe the pleated shade with a dry sponge found at the hardware store. Newer micro-fiber towels also work well on pleated shades.
  4. If there are bug droppings on the shades, wipe the soiled area only. Use water dampened cotton swab and dip it into some liquid dish soap. Lightly dab the spot and wait thirty minutes. Blot the spot with a lightly dampened cloth.
  5. Store the shades in the closed position to keep the pleats sharp.



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